Graphic Design Course Taster

Graphic Design Course Taster

Welcome to the creative world of graphic design, which can be stimulating, rewarding and fun.

The Weblynx College Professional Graphic Design Online course taster indicates the format, layout and style to be found in each course module as we teach you all about design and encourage the development of the skills essential to create amazing designs and/or work as a professional graphic designer.

Our goal is to foster the creative development of aspiring graphic designers while providing an understanding of design and the skills essential to the profession.

We provide you with an enjoyable online learning experience in a supportive environment, mentored by experienced working professionals who value individuality and creativity.

In the process we are also hoping to train the kind of designers that we love to work with.

Developed and administered by trained, experienced and working graphic and website designers, studio managers and educators, this course shares with you the cumulative knowledge and experience gained from sucessfully working in the design industry across thirty years.

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